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Metaphysical Shop Opens & Social Media News

website news

Website News

The dust has settled and we have exciting news!  Seeker’s Treasures has opened our online Metaphysical, Holistic, and New Age shop!  Seeking tools or uplifting decor to further your spiritual journey?  Looking for mindful gifts for your friends and loved ones?  We have conscientiously selected over 3,800 treasures sure to delight your Mind, Body, and Spirit!

Seeker's Treasures ShopIncluded in the spiritual products and new age items for sale is our Metaphysical and Holistic Health services we provide.  We currently offer astrology readings, long distance reiki, color therapy, crystal healing, and tarot readings.  If you are interested in learning about them, they also have their very own page.  Look through them, order and book your appointments easily and securely.

Seeker’s Treasures also added a Classes & Events page.  There isn’t anything currently scheduled but that will change soon!  Please sign up for our mailing list or follow any of our social media accounts.  To sign up, please fill in your e-mail in the box that is directly to your right in this page’s sidebar.

Speaking of social media…

Social Media News

Our Facebook page and Twitter account have been resurrected.  The Pinterest page is still there and I am still learning what to do with that one.  The newcomer is our new Instagram page which we are really loving right now.  It’s fun to be on and so inspiring.  Please add us to your accounts and keep up to date with Seeker’s Treasures’ developments.  We still have a lot planned to offer and want to include you!

Aztec Calendar ReadingsI am currently posting up Daily Aztec Calendar Readings in the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.  You’re not going to want to miss these so make sure you follow us to get them in your feed.

These Aztec Calendar Readings are based on the Aztec Sacred Calendar, or tonalphualli.  It is very similar to the Mayan Calendar with just a few day signs being different.

It is my belief the astrology and calendar systems of Mesoamerica are often overlooked and these daily readings are a great introduction to them and way to celebrate some of the wisdom of the Mayan and Aztec cultures.  The images in the posts are oracle cards from Day Signs of the Sacred Calendar by Sergio Cruz.  They are beautiful and lovely to meditate to.

We hope to see you around the web and hopefully in person soon, too!  Until then, may your days & nights be filled with Light & Love. -Mel


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