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Shop Update: Handmade Jewelry Back In the Shop

aventurine healing hands

Love jewelry that is handmade?  I make jewelry inspired by the Cosmos, Mother Earth, and Spiritual Principals found around the world.  Astrology, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Meditation are all themes which inspire me to make wearable pieces of art that are both decorative and meaningful.

Here are some the latest pieces I have put up in the shop:

You can click on any of the pictures to go to their listing on Etsy.  Etsy is a safe and secure shopping platform that features the work of handmade artisans around the globe.

heart chakra pendant
Heart Chakra Pendant Green Mandala Necklace * Reiki Yoga Meditation Jewelry * Anahata * Handmade Original Art * Unisex Spiritual Necklace
Gemini Earring Set
3 Pair Gemini Stud Earrings * Planet Constellation & Zodiac Sign Jewelry * Mix and Match * Celestial Design * Astrology Stars Birthday Gift by Seeker’s Treasures
aventurine healing hands
Aventurine Healing Hands Gemstone Earrings * Hypoallergenic * Reiki Jewelry * Green Abundance Stones * Sacred Spiral * Heart Chakra Crystal

Do you see something you like but want in a different style, stone, or symbol?  I can do that for you!  Contact me and I will get to work and design a piece for you.

Thank you for looking and supporting small handmade businesses!

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