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Stones for Protecting Mother Earth

Mother Earth Eye

It’s the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day this year and we are bringing out our crystals and stones for protecting Mother Earth and mindfully meditating with them to improve the circumstances for all life on this planet. Will you join us?

We are not saying this is a magical solution, by any means. We all need to do better in taking real, tangible steps in protecting the Earth; but, we also need to repeatedly set our intentions to do so if we truly want to stay motivated all year through. Using the five stones listed below, with the intention to heal Earth, will help raise the energy that surrounds our planet, as well as keep our focus on what must be done to ensure a safe planet for ourselves and future generations to come.

5 Elements of the Earth

In this Earth healing exercise, we focus on the five elements of Earth. We give five crystals associated with these elements for you to meditate on, arrange as a crystal grid, or program for specific purposes or locations. We also give the names of the Goddesses associated with them. There are many healing rituals you can practice with these elemental stones. Let your imagination soar and don’t be shy to let us in on your secrets!

Earth Element :

The Earth, as it stands in 2020, is in desperate need of new growth. With the devastating Amazon & Australian wildfires, and the now usual wildfires in USA, we need plants more than ever. For the first time in recorded history, the Amazon Rain Forest is emitting more carbon dioxide than it absorbs. What once was known as the lungs of the Earth, has become (metaphorically) cancerous. This year it is so important to tend to our trees & plants. Plant your own, start a garden, or donate to rebuilding efforts.

We are also contending with the harmful effects of fracking for oil, a resource we really should be moving away from for sustainable energy. Already, in the state I live in, Texas has seen an emergence of Earthquakes due to fracking in areas that never usually receive them. Scientists have also predicted we might see a surge in seismic activity with climate change. Let’s energetically remind ourselves of the importance of botany and the health of our land by manifesting with Moss Agate a greener, more stable, and life sustaining Earth.

Moss Agate Pebble

Moss Agate is known as a Stone of New Beginnings because it embodies the growth potential in all living things. It helps the healing of Earth and her inhabitants by protecting life from seed (or conception) through its most important growing cycles. Moss agate also connects us to Mother Earth’s energy and those of the Nature Spirits. It is known as the Stone of Gardeners, Agriculturalists, and Midwives. Moss agate is a wonderful, and most popular, stone to help protect the Earth.

Moss Agate honors Bona Dea the Roman Earth Goddess of Fertility. In addition, all agates are associated with the Greek Earth Mother Goddess, Gaia, who is considered to be Mother Earth herself.

Fire Element:

Although we haven’t seen much of it yet, scientists are predicting an increase in volcanic activity due to climate change. Let’s meditate on keeping Earth’s core and mantle cool, calm, and collected as we work on reducing the warmth of the Earth. May we remind ourselves that fire is a gift that must not be abused or let get out of control. Let’s appeal to her heart and give reverence to all the life she’s created while connecting to the energy of Peridot.


Peridot is an Olivine which comes from volcanic activity and earthquakes that bursts forth from the Earth’s heart. Peridot is called the “extreme stone” by the Gemological Institute of America. It is also known as the Success Stone. Peridot is one of two stones (diamond is the other) created within the molten rock of the Earth’s mantle. Carry or wear this beautiful green stone to connect to the very core of our Earth.

The Hawaiian Goddess of Earth and Fire, Pele, is associated with Peridot. Additionally, the Greek Goddess of Spring, Persephone, is associated with this stone. The mythology of this Goddess states she returns from the depths of the Earth, called Hades, every Spring to enliven Earth again with new growth.

Air Element:

With all the air pollution we contend with these days, it’s kind of a good thing Covid-19 has kept us in our homes. It’s like Mother Earth spanked us for our bad behavior and sent us to our rooms while she recovers. There is less carbon emissions now due to the fact we are not driving or flying much these days.

Considering our forests have gone through so much trauma this year, it’s weirdly relieving to think how things balance out sometimes. There is a part of me that hopes we realize we really don’t need to use transportation that pollutes the Earth as much as we have been using them. Regardless, our Air needs a serious cleaning and meditating with this crystal may help keep us concerned & motivated to help.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond is called The Attunement Stone and is good for attuning yourself to others and the environment. Being the most powerful of the quartz family due to their natural double terminated crystalline formation, these crystals are considered to manifest pure light.

Their brilliant clarity and high vibration are said to assist in blockages and debris in our bodies and in our environment. Clear Quartz is known as a Master Healer able to clean, clear and purify what it comes in contact with. Herkimer Diamond, being a super quartz of sorts, further amplifies these healing qualities.

There are a couple of Goddesses associated with this stone. They are: Leto, Greek Titan Goddess of Motherhood & Kindness and Angerona, Roman Goddess of Silence.

Water Element:

I don’t even know where to begin with how much our water on Earth is polluted. 2.1 BILLION people on Earth do not have safe drinking water. And more and more, those of us that think we do, really don’t.

The pollution in our oceans, lakes, and rivers is astounding. From nuclear leakage, to radioactive fracking sludge, to dumping our own chemical and pharmaceutical waste, our water is in serious danger of widespread contamination from our own hands.

In addition, the rapid melting of glaciers is changing the salinity of our oceans threatening the life and ecosystems that depend on its chemical composition. Let’s focus on cleaning up, purifying, and healing the water we depend on by meditating with Shungite.


Shungite is widely hailed as the “Miracle Stone” of the 21st century, even though it is 2 billion years old. It is also being called the Stone of Life. Newly “rediscovered” this ancient stone is a Purifier stone.

Shungite is high in carbon content and also the only known natural source of fullerenes on Earth. These fullerenes are a soccer like formation of carbon molecules and are truly the miracle in this stone. Scientists today are studying this stone due to its abilities to purify water, its antioxidant properties, and its potential to treat cancer.

This humble and non-assuming black to gray stone began in Precambrian times before the beginning of life. It is found in the large area of the Karelian in Russia. Notably, Lake Onega is there and this is where “healing waters” spoken of in history originate from. It is well documented throughout history that the Russians have used these waters for healing and use Shungite to purify their water.

Being a relative “newcomer” to the healing crystal realm, there are no known goddesses affiliated with it. However, Lake Onega is historically known to be a sacred and powerful place in ancient cultures.

Aether (Ether) Element:

Aether, or Ether, is still a controversial element for Earth. It’s hard to define. Most agree it includes the space directly above Earth’s atmosphere, but others believe it is what fills all space as we define it. Some of us in metaphysical circles feel it sustains our Spirit’s energy on Earth and supports other energetic frequencies that affect us on this planet.

As far as how we are contending with problems with this element, I would include our subconscious thoughts and fears. It is a rather chaotic and fearful time for most of us as we go through a huge shift in thinking and being. This is a normal reaction considering what we are all going through in the collective, but it is important to remember we must put out positive thoughts and come up with innovative solutions to the problems before us.

I would also include electromagnetic fields in this element. With the widespread adoption of 5G and the research of its damaging effects coming into light more, it’s no wonder we are becoming more concerned. Internet has done many wonderful things for us as a society, and it will continue to do so. If in fact it is causing damage to our well being, health, and environment, then we must continue our studies and find solutions to fix this problem. Let us focus on Fluorite to clear any negativity and harmful effects from the Etheric realm.


Fluorite is a powerful cleansing stone that transmutes negative energy to positive energy. It is known as the “Genius Stone” due to it’s ability to enhance the absorption of new information. It helps us to reach our highest mental achievements by stimulating the electrical charge of our brain cells. This stone also harmonizes our mental, emotional, physical, and auric bodies to a stable balance.

Fluorite is considered to be the most colorful mineral on our planet. This stone feels magical and can be found in hues of purple, pink, blue, yellow, colorless, red, white, brown and black. The most popular is Rainbow Fluorite. By containing almost all colors known to man, this stone is truly “etheric” in nature. It’s various colors assist in healing almost anything on this earth or above.

Purple fluorite honors Minerva, Etruscan Goddess of Wisdom. Additionally, all Fluorites honor Vac, the Hindu Goddess of the Spoken Word. She is considered to be the source of wisdom and is said to be the one who gave us the creation word, “Om”.

Afterword: We Are The Stewards of the Earth

Seeker’s Treasures gives this list of stones for protecting the Earth as a way to remind ourselves that we are the stewards of this planet. We are here and we must look after our home. This post is published for Earth Day 2020 but it is one you can use throughout the year if it helps you stay focused on the real work ahead of us.

Stewards of The Earth

I encourage you to be mindful and use this time in quarantine to reflect on the impact we have on Earth. It has made my heart very sad to read the news and see how we just aren’t getting it.

We are hoarding toilet paper and other paper products that contribute to pollution & waste when there are alternative forms that are more hygienic to keep ourselves clean, such as a bidet. We are massively buying up meat while meat processing plant employees were made to work to meet high demand before the plants finally had to shut down due to Covid-19 outbreaks. We lament the fact we can’t congregate, even though we have alternate ways to communicate and doing so is saving lives. Covid-19 is a huge wake up call during this 50th anniversary of Earth Day to focus on doing the right things for our planet and every living being on it.

At any rate, I don’t want to pontificate. I have a lot of work to do myself! I am just passionate about these issues and hope we can really focus our energy and healing thoughts on Earth this year. If anything, whether you use these 5 stones to protect Mother Earth or not, I propose we collectively commit to healing our planet and all its inhabitants today and every day, for the rest of our lives. You in?

Note: There are links in this post to give more information about what is written or purchase stones. We do not receive commission for any of them. We provide them for further reading and convenience from sites we trust. Views expressed here are of the authors and are not necessarily shared by linked businesses.

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