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Crystal Healing: Chakra Balancing with Specific Request


Sometimes we need just a bit more help. We know our chakras are perhaps out of balance and our energy is somewhat sluggish. We also know that we have a particular issue that needs addressing whether physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or situational. At times like these we can turn to Mother Nature’s own gift to us – crystals for a nurturing, uplifting healing experience.

This long distance Crystal Healing combines the energy clearing of chakra balancing while addressing specific concerns you may have in your life. This combination session is an all around positive, powerful and refreshing Crystal Healing experience!  45 minute session.

The long distance crystal healing Chakra Balancing with Specific Request service is provided by a Reiki Master Teacher certified in Crystal Healing.

As a Certified Crystal Healer,  Linda will consult with you regarding your personal needs. Crystals will then be intuitively chosen and laid out on my massage table as if you were physically present. The metaphysical properties and energies of the crystals will transfer to you wherever you may be. It is best to be resting at the time for the most beneficial session. Crystals are nurturing and loving so there will not be any adverse reactions – quite the opposite. Most people feel refreshed and relaxed. Enjoy the positive energy that crystals will imbue you with!

Your 45 minute Chakra Balancing with Specific Request session includes: energetic healing sent remotely from a Reiki Master Teacher certified in Crystal Healing, an emailed photo of the crystals used, and a brief description of the crystals and why they were chosen for your Chakra Balancing with Specific Request session.

“Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation. “ – Nikola Tesla

*Note: After you purchase your session, a simple form will be automatically sent to you to schedule your appointment and discuss your needs and concerns.

*Disclaimer: Please note I do not diagnose nor prescribe medical treatments. These practices are complementary and are not to replace traditional medical care.

My MomCrystal Healing Services are provided by Linda Fletcher Whitley.  She is is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Tradition, certified in Crystal Healing and Colour Therapy. A certified Acupressure Practitioner and Teacher, Linda also teaches Aura Reading, Pendulum Dowsing, Chakra Balancing and Crystal Energy Work– which she incorporates into her classes and services.


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