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Astrology : Deluxe Natal Chart Reading

$150.00 $127.50

The Deluxe Natal Chart Reading gives an extremely thorough look into your birth chart to discover the universal energies at work the very moment you were born. All planets will be explored, along with their signs and placements within your chart, as well as the important aspects formed to one another. Some asteroids will be discussed and anything else of an advanced and notable nature. A very detailed reading for those who are seeking to Know Thyself!

Deluxe Natal Chart Reading – Intuitive Birth Chart Interpretation – Personal Astrology Report – Custom made by a human, not a computer

Ever wonder why the daily horoscopes you read don’t always fit in with you or what’s going on in your life? That’s because there is so much more to explore than just your Sun sign!

– A picture of your natal chart by e-mail
– A calculated reading, personally interpreted (not computer generated) delivered by either phone consultation (up to two hours with time for your specific questions ) or in person meeting, if you live in San Antonio, TX. Your choice. Additionally, we can break up the appt. times, if needed.
– An audio file sent through e-mail of our phone conversation or your personal reading.
– An e-mail of recommended stones, reading materials, or exercises based on what is discovered in your unique natal chart.

– An explanation of the meanings and importance of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Midheaven, Lunar Nodes, Part of Fortune, and Chiron in your chart.
– A thorough list of their specifics.
– A detailed interpretation of these planets, asteroids and important points of the chart in regards to their signs, their rulers, the placement in the houses, and elemental qualities.
– Calculations of the angles (aspects) between chart dwellers and what they mean.
– Guidance on how you can gain a better understanding of yourself and integrate the qualities found in your chart to lead a life that reflects your authentic self.

NEEDED: Your name, complete date of birth, time you were born, and location of birth. All of these are absolutely necessary in order to calculate the most accurate chart and reading. They often can be found on your birth certificate. If you do not have access to this information, we can still do a reading set to the generic 12pm, but it will not be as accurate and in some cases could make a big difference.

IMPORTANT:  When you purchase a reading, a form will be automatically sent to you to input your birth details, schedule an appointment, and list any concerns or interests you may have.  Please fill it out online and hit submit– no need to print out anything, it’s super easy!  Mel looks forward to working with you soon.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. They are not to replace the advice of a medical, psychological, or law professional. You must be 18 yrs.old to purchase a reading. ALL READINGS ARE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

melwebOur Astrological Services are provided by Melanie Whitley.  Mel has fine tuned her intuitive consultation skills for over 25 years with years of rigorous academic study, meditation, and practicum. Her Astrological reports & Tarot readings are very insightful and detailed.  Mel’s handcrafted jewelry & artwork has been sold in boutiques, galleries & fairs across the country.


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