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60 Minute Tarot Card Reading


Life can get pretty confusing and overwhelming!  Enter the 60 minute tarot card consultation where you will meet with a non-judgemental intuitive who will guide you through the complexities of what you are experiencing, help you tap into your own intuition, and guide you towards coming up with solutions to change your circumstances or lovingly accept where you are at presently.  Perfect for complex situations where you have several questions related to one broad subject as multiple card spreads will be used in this consultation.

Crystal & Gemstone recommendations are included in this reading, as well as suggested mantras & affirmations.

The 60 minute Tarot card reading (1 hour) is conducted through Skype video call or by in person meeting in San Antonio, TX.

Mel is an experienced card reader who enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and learning from them, too!  Her candid readings are in-depth, insightful, and thoughtful.  Her visual approach to tarot and oracle card readings is to intuitively read the cards for you in great detail, yet also guide you in developing your own intuition by teaming up with you to meditate on the cards and their connections to one another in an interactive way.  This method empowers you and gives you the confidence to trust your intuitions and nurture your ability to steer your own life in the direction of your choosing.

IMPORTANT:  When you purchase a reading, a form will be automatically sent to you to fill out and schedule an appointment.  Please fill it out online and hit submit– no need to print out anything, it’s super easy!  Mel looks forward to meeting with you soon.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. They are not to replace the advice of a medical, psychological, or law professional. You must be 18 yrs. old to purchase a reading. ALL READINGS ARE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

Our Taromelwebt & Oracle Readings are provided by Melanie Whitley.  Mel has fine tuned her intuitive consultation skills for over 25 years with years of rigorous academic study, meditation, and practicum. Her Astrological reports & Tarot readings are very insightful and detailed.  Mel’s handcrafted jewelry & artwork has been sold in boutiques, galleries & fairs across the country.


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