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We Are All Seekers…..

Seeker's Treasures About Us
Image by Sharon McCutcheon from Pixabay
The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert


Seeker’s Treasures strives to assist people seeking to connect with others who wish to help them heal, (re)discover, enhance, nurture, and share their own special abilities and gifts by offering personal growth products & soulful services, sharing information on a variety of metaphysical topics, and creating a holistic networking community of those who also pursue these spiritual interests.


Our treasures may vary but the most rewarding ones are found deep within ourselves. We live in a world of amazing advances for which we are very grateful. Just look at the technology that allows us to communicate with the touch of a keystroke. Yet, more and more of us are being drawn to “ New Age ” thinking, techniques and products. Have you ever considered that most of the “New Age” movement is actually ancient in origin? Holistic? Metaphysical? You got it… most of it is also ancient knowledge. In essence, everything old is new again and we are returning to, or SEEKING, our roots– our TREASURES.

As we continually seek our hidden treasures we dig deeper and deeper, becoming our own archaeologists. The more we dig, the more we find. What a wonderful concept! Sometimes we may dig up something hidden away that has been blocking our growth. This is a treasure too because once we acknowledge it we can move on and blossom more fully. Often, we find hidden memories or talents long forgotten that can resurface and become part of our every day life. What Joy to bring these to light again!

What a beautiful, wondrous journey! It is our hope that you will find within our pages, shop and posts, information which will help you with your personal journey as you seek your own treasures.


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Astrology Readings
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Crystal Healing

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Tarot Readings


melwebFOUNDER:  Melanie Whitley (Mel) has fine tuned her intuitive consultation skills for over 25 years with years of rigorous academic study, meditation, and practicum. Her Astrological reports & Tarot readings are very insightful and detailed, and her consultations have been highly reviewed and recommended. Mel’s handcrafted jewelry & artwork has been sold in boutiques, galleries & fairs across the country.

She is the owner of  ( Read More About Melanie Here )


My MomCONTRIBUTOR:  Linda Fletcher Whitley is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Tradition, certified in Crystal Healing and Colour Therapy.  A certified Acupressure Practitioner and Teacher, Linda also teaches Aura Reading, Pendulum Dowsing, Chakra Balancing and Crystal Energy Work.

Owner of Reiki Spiral, she often contributes her time and talents to Seeker’s Treasures as a Crystal Consultant, Teacher, and Writer.  ( Read More About Linda Here )