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Hello Fellow Seeker!

Seeker's Treasures Melanie Whitley

My name is Melanie (Mel) and I created Seeker’s Treasures. My goal is to assist you on your quest for a happier & healthier mind, body and spirit.  Although I do not proclaim to have all the answers and solutions to this mystery called Life (who does, anyway?), I offer my knowledge, time, and talent to you as your explore your Soulscape and offer your own beautiful gifts to the World.

To that end, Seeker’s Treasures offers metaphysical, holistic, and new age products, services, classes, and information to help you unearth, polish, and display the valuable treasures you hold within.  Favorite topics include: astrology, chakras, creative expression, crystals, meditation, reiki, tarot, and other wellness topics for your self-care needs. 

Looking ahead, we plan to support other metaphysical teachers and holistic practitioners by offering resources to enhance their businesses and careers. If you are a teacher, make sure you check back for those soon, or better yet, sign up for our newsletter and get the news when it comes out!

Welcome to Seeker’s Treasures. We are on this journey together and I’m so glad we crossed paths!